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COVID Modifications

Below are COVID modifications, requirements and standards for:

All COBRA participants and attendees - COBRA tab
All Babe Ruth participants and associated attendees - Babe Ruth tab
All venues - tab name corresponds to park

ALL are responsible for the knowledge of, adherence to, and participation in Babe Ruth, COBRA and park good guests and do your best to help others.  

We can not have COBRA without the support of these parks!!


With the uncertainty of the CoViD situation, we felt it best to be straight-forward and transparent about the refund policy.

If there's not enough teams registered for a division for your age group, we have a few options:  
1.  We encourage you to register and play the first week (and may extend that to the second) to see if other teams come along and register.  That may come into play more this season.
2.  We'll give you the option to play in a "combined" division (i.e. 11U plays in 12U).  When possible, we'll still segregate the age groups for the tournament, or at least, give the younger division a chance to win a championship in their "true" age bracket.  We normally need at least 3 teams to make the latter work.  This procedure is most common with 13U and 15U.
3. We'll do #1, then try #2.

If we don't have your division and you choose not to play "up," or if that isn't a practical solution, we give you a 100% refund, even if you played week 1.  If we extend the "play, wait and see" option, there may be a reduced refund if you play week #2.  

If the season doesn't happen, everyone will receive a refund.

If the season is canceled by October 1, everyone will receive a 50% refund.