1. HUSTLE in and out - College teams get 90 seconds between innings. If YOU could do that, you’d probably get an extra half inning AT LEAST per game.
2. MANDATORY speed up - I don’t care if your catcher is the fastest guy on the team. Rotate him around so he can run, but when he’s catching, we’ll get more play time if he can be suited up for defense.  Coaches may report an upcoming change and run for the catcher coming into the game as long as they inform the UIC and opposing coach before the team's at-bat begins.
3. WARM-UP your pitchers BEFORE you bring them in. The 45 pitch limit impacts this, but you know if your guy is getting close. You have free defensive substitution. Take your next guy out and warm him up before you put him in, either while your other pitcher is finishing up, or between innings. Give him a throw or two when he gets out there if you have to, but not the full 8 pitches. It’ll keep everyone on their toes, and as a defensive strategy, give your opponent less looks before they get to step into the box.

4. BE READY at game time - even if your umpire isn’t there yet, he will be. I have not known ONE of these guys to be late for ANY events. Visitor/Home is on the schedule for this reason (instead of flipping, for example). Have your pitcher warming up on the field 5 minutes before game time, and your other players in position. START YOUR GAME ON TIME.

5. ONE FOOT IN, ONE FOOT OUT of the box when taking signs - it drives me NUTS when the batter walks half way down to third base to get signs. Dude, if you have to get that close to see your coach, you ain’t hitting the ball. One foot in, one foot out, get your signs, and play.

6. GIVE SIGNS EARLY - We already take too long between innings, then before the batter gets in the box, he looks at coach for signs. What have you been doing for the past 3 minutes?
7. MAKE SUBS EARLY - this is better for league play and All Stars when you have to report changes, but as an umpire, it flies all over me when we’re ready to play and the coach brings me subs. Now, everybody is waiting. Tell him as soon as the last out occurs so he can report to everyone and we can start the next inning on time.

8. PINCH RUNNERS READY - Have your guys ready, with their helmets, when your pitcher and catcher come up to bat. Ask for time as soon as they get on base, and have your runner HUSTLE to position.
9. FOUL BALLS - designate your bench players, or parents, to chase foul balls on your side. Also, foul balls down the lines should be chased by someone on the bench (with a helmet) so that play may resume, instead of waiting for the Right Fielder to go get it.