6U (T-Ball) COBRA Rules

6U (T-Ball) COBRA Rules

COBRA Baseball Coalition of Babe Ruth Athletes 6U (T-Ball) Division Rules

Last Updated: 9.4.18  -  S17 Rules  

A. Home team will provide 2 new baseballs  

B. An offensive coach will work the Batting Tee  

C. Teams must bat the entire lineup and can use free defensive substitution throughout the game.

D. Teams may use up to 10 players on defense (4 outfielders) but may play with 8 players, if only 8 players are available. It will not be counted as an out if a player leaves the game for any reason

E. Each batter will be allowed to 6 total swings.

 A strike shall be called if the batter: 

  1. sizes up the ball on the tee 

b. misses the ball but hits the tee

            c. hits the ball foul and has less than 2 strikes 

d. completely misses the ball on the tee.  

A foul will be called if the ball: 

a. is hit into foul territory 

b. does not reach the 25' line AND is not fielded by a defensive player before the umpire calls foul declaring the ball dead. If there is no 25’ line it is up to the umpire’s discretion. 

F..All overthrown balls will be considered live and the runner(s) can advance until they are contained or give up the effort to advance to the next base.

G. Defensive Coaches must be in foul territory at least 12 ft beyond 1stand 3rdbase.

H. There will be no new inning after 1:30 (on hour and thirty minutes)  

I. There is a four (4) run per inning limit 

L. Run Rule is as follows:

3 1⁄2 innings 10 or more runs, 4 1⁄2 innings 8 or more runs

If in the 5th inning and the winning team is up by 5 and there is no way for the other team to recover, the game will be called as a run rule. If the opposing team has a chance to make 4 runs and still tie the game, the game must continue. 
M. Any rule violation must be corrected immediately and escalated to the appropriate division coordinator for review and possible sanctions. Any resistance to correcting violations may be seen as violation, for example: defensive obstruction, offensive interference, or un-sportsman-like conduct; as appropriate, and penalties applied as seen fit by the game’s officials.  

N. Managers/Coaches ejected from a game in the 6U division will serve a one game suspension. This suspension will be served on the teams next scheduled game. If a Manager/Coach is ejected a second time during a season they will miss the remainder of the season.