Spring 2021 Rule Changes

Clarifies when a game is complete.  Item S reads:

If time has expired, and the home team can not catch up (down by more than 4 runs), the game is over.  In this case, the official score will revert to the last completed inning, even if runs are not being used as a tiebreaker.  

8U (Rookie) COBRA RULES (revised Spring 2019)

COBRA Baseball

Coalition of Babe Ruth Athletes

8U (Rookie) Division Rules

Spring 2021 (Rev 3/9/21)

  1. An offensive coach will work the pitching machine. 
  2. Speed set at approx. 43pmh.  
  3. 1 new & 1 good used Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, or as OK’d by umpire, baseball per team must be provided.
  4. Home team keeps the official book. 
  5. $40/umpire, split between teams. 

            B.  Batters will be given 4 pitches or 3 strikes per at bat

            C.  Defensive coaches can not be in fair territory and must be stationed beyond 1st base or 3rd base.

            D. There will be no bunting arc, as per BR and OBR.

            E.  The player that assumes the pitcher’s position must remain within the “mound,” defined as a5 foot radius on one side or the other of the machine, ​until the ball is hit.​ If the pitcher violates any of these requirements, then (1) the play will stand, even if the pitcher is involved in the play, and (2) the umpire will warn the violating pitcher’s manager that if the same pitcher violates one or both requirements again, he will have to be removed from the pitcher’s position. The player can assume another position but cannot re-enter as a pitcher in that game. 

            F.  The ball will be declared dead (time out) by the umpire when the defensive team stops the lead runner and all succeeding runners abandon their effort to advance. 

            G.  A batted ball will be considered dead when, before being touched by a fielder, it hits the pitching machine, sandbag or pitching coach. The batter shall be awarded 1st base and on-base runners will advance only if forced. A thrown ball that hits the machine, sandbag or pitching coach is a live ball. 

            E.  Players must be in the batting lineup to play defense.  Teams may bat the entire lineup and use free defensive substitution throughout the game.

            F. Teams may use up to 10 players on defense (4 outfielders) but may play with 9 players if only 9 players are available.  If only 9 players are used, the 10th position will be an OUT.

            G.  If a team starts with 10 or more (because they are hitting entire lineup) batters and drops below 10 batters, the missing batter will be counted as an out.  For example, if a team hits all 12 of their players in the lineup and one player leaves, there’s no penalty.  If a team bats 11 (everyone) and two players leave, the 2nd to leave will count as an out.

            H. If a team starts with 10 batters and drops below 10, the missing batter will be counted as an out.

            I. Bats must have USABat logo or be appropriate size made of wood.

            J. There will be no new inning after 1:30 (on hour and thirty minutes)           

            K. There is a four (4) run per inning limit for innings.

            L.  There will be one umpire per game during Sunday Play.  All or part of the tournament may use 2 umpires.

            M.  No intentional walks are allowed.

N.  No infield fly rule. 

O.  No “hit by pitcher (machine)” rule. 

P.  No base stealing. Book rules apply to leaving the base early. 

            Q.  Dead ball appeals are allowed by the manager or any player.

            R.  Courtesy runner (someone not in the game or, if all players hitting, last batter due to hit) is encouraged for catchers but is​ mandatory​ with 2 outs or 3 runs scored. The incoming catcher may be run for instead, if opposing coach and UIC informed before the beginning of the team’s at-bat.  Any player eligible to be courtesy run for may NOT be a courtesy runner.

            S.  If time has expired, and the home team can not catch up (down by more than 4 runs), the game is over.  In this case, the official score will revert to the last completed inning, even if runs are not being used as a tiebreaker.  

            T.  Any rule violation must be corrected immediately and escalated to the appropriate division coordinator for review and possible sanctions.  Any resistance to correcting violations may be seen as violation, for example: defensive obstruction, offensive interference, or un-sportsman-like conduct; as appropriate, and penalties applied as seen fit by the game’s officials.


1.  Seeding is decided before the tournament

2.  After the initial play-in games, 2 brackets will be formed

3.  Winners of the play-in game will play in one single elimination bracket

4.  Losers of the play-in game will play in a different single elimination bracket

5.  Time limits remain in effect 

6.  Time limits may be extended or eliminated at some point during the tournament, with advanced notice to all teams.

7.  Run rules always remain in effect

8.  If there is a tie after the required number of innings or time has expired, use the following to help determine a winner:  

                                    a.  Batters start with 1-1 count

                                    b.  Last player due to bat will start at 2nd base

                        c.  Play continues until a team leads at the end of an inning