Spring 2021 Rule Changes

Clarifies pitch limit is PER DAY: Items D1 and D2

Clarifies when to stop play (game is over): Item K

Clarifies who can be a Courtesy Runner as well as when, and for whom, a courtesy Runner may be used: Items L, L.1, L.2 and L.3

9U - 15U COBRA Rules (revised Fall 2019)

A. Players must be in the batting lineup to play defense.  Teams may bat the entire lineup and use free defensive substitution throughout the game.

B. Teams may use up to 9 players on defense, but may play with as few as 8.  If only 8 players are used, the 9th batting position will be an OUT.

C. If a team starts with 9 or more (because they are hitting entire lineup) batters and drops below 9 batters, the missing batter will be counted as an out.  For example, if a team hits all 12 of their players in the lineup and one player leaves, there’s no penalty.  If a team bats 11 (everyone) and three players leave, the 3rd to leave will count as an out.

D. Pitching limits

1.  9U-12U is 40 pitches per day, finish the inning 

2.  13U-15U is 50 pitches per day, finish the inning

3.  ALL divisions 

a.  One re-entry is allowed for pitchers

b.  All players and coaches are to comply with the official pitch count restrictions allowed by Babe Ruth.  This will include ALL games played, not only COBRA games.

E. Bats

1.  9U-12U - USABat stamped bats and properly-sized wooden bats may be used, per official Babe Ruth rulebook

2.  13U-15U – USABat stamped bats, bbcor bats, and properly-sized wooden bats may be used, per official Babe Ruth rulebook

F. Time Limit is 1:30 minutes, no new inning for ALL divisions for Sunday Play.  PLUS games played on weeknights or Saturday will have a 1:45 NNI limit.

G. Per inning run limit is no more than 4 runs per inning for ALL divisions.

H. Umpires

1.  9U-12U - There will be one umpire per game during Sunday Play.  All or part of the tournament may use 2 umpires.  Pay is $50/umpire.

2.  13U-15U – May use a single umpire for Sunday Play, but will normally use 2 for Sunday Play and 2 or 3 for the Tournament.  Pay is $50/umpire.

I. Home team keeps the official book.

J.  Mercy rule is 12/3, 10/4, 8/5 for ALL divisions.

                        1.  12 after 3 innings (2 ½ if home team leads)

2.  10 after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team leads)

3.  8 after 5 innings (4 ½ if home team leads)

K.  If time has expired, and the home team can not catch up (down by more than 4 runs), the game is over.  In this case, the official score will revert to the last completed inning, even if runs are not being used as a tiebreaker.  Pitches thrown WILL count toward a pitcher’s pitch count. 

L. Courtesy runner (someone not in the game or, if all players hitting, last batter due to hit) is encouraged for pitchers and catchers but is‚Äč mandatory‚Äč with 2 outs or 3 runs scored.  

1. Incoming pitchers or catchers may be run for instead, if opposing coach and UIC are informed before the beginning of the team’s at-bat.  In these cases, the player being replaced may NOT have a courtesy runner, unless they are moving to the pitcher or catcher position and proper notice is given.

2. Any player eligible to be courtesy run for may NOT be a courtesy runner.

3. Pitchers who have met their pitch count may NOT be run for.  Coaches should utilize L.1 (naming the pitcher for the next inning).

M.  The infield Fly Rule IS in effect.

N. Any rule violation must be corrected immediately and escalated to the appropriate division coordinator for review and possible sanctions.  Any resistance to correcting violations may be seen as an additional violation, for example: defensive obstruction, offensive interference, or un-sportsman-like conduct; as appropriate, and penalties applied as seen fit by the game’s officials.