Who gets the umpires?

 The host site books the umpires for COBRA games. 

How much are umpires?

Umpire fees are split by the teams playing.  Umpire pay schedule is:
6U & 8U - $30 per umpire
9U 10U 11U & 12U - $40 per umpire
13U & 15U - $45 per umpire
12U and younger are one umpire per game during Sunday play.  13U & 15U use two umpires per game.  At some point during the tournament, we may add an umpire in each division.

What's the run (mercy) rule?

All divisions use 12 in 3, 10 in 4, or 8 in 5 as a run rule. Effectively, the inability to score more than 4 runs in an inning makes it "5 runs after 5 innings" in Cal Ripken divisions.

When does an inning start?

 The top of an inning starts as soon as the final out of the previous inning is recorded. For example, if you're in the bottom of the fourth inning and the third out is recorded with two minutes left, the next inning starts immediately and will be played. 

What is the drop dead time for COBRA baseball

There is NO drop dead time in COBRA.  We use a "no new inning" rule to limit game times.

What's the time limit?

We use "no new inning" to set the time limit.  In all divisions, we will not start an inning after 1:30.