• Check the LBR website (www.LongwoodBabeRuth.com/COVID) for any changes to guidelines
  • AT RISK person (over 65, underlying health conditions, etc) are discouraged to attend
  • Self-assess for symptoms (temperature, coughing, difficulty breathing)
  • STAY HOME if 
    • you or anyone in your household does not feel well
    • you or anyone in your household has been exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient
    • you are not comfortable with the measures listed here
  • Bring hand sanitizer, face coverings, chairs, and antibacterial wipes for personal use
    • This includes boxes for team snacks – no team snacks
    • Individual drinking vessels or jugs are permitted and encouraged
  • Consider bringing a sunshade (tent) and chairs 
    • Families are encouraged to set up within 15’ of the fence line to enjoy the game
    • No white or light-colored sunshades along the outfield
  • Face coverings should be worm as mandated by Seminole County. Players not required to wear face masks on the field. Coaches encouraged to wear unless they can maintain proper social distancing.



  • Face Coverings should worn as stated above. Players NOT required while on the field. Coaches encouraged to wear when they cannot social distance.
  • extending the dugout and bleachers open to Players and Coaches ONLY.
  • extending times in between games to help with social distancing. 
  • no sharing of equipment when possible
  • teams will not “high 5” after completion of games. Instead wave their hat from their side of the field. 
  • concession area will have marked areas when placing orders
  • Each team will have a Dugout Monitor. They will monitor symptoms, players keeping their hands to themselves, no spitting or the use of sunflower seeds/gum.

NOTE: The park is open to the public.  There will be non-LBR personnel at the playground, for example.  You must have a wristband to sit in the seating area (15’ peremeter of the fields).  Please monitor yourself and your children appropriately, especially when leaving the seating area.  Their playmates on the playground, for example, may not have been screened and will not have a wristband.

  • Bleachers are CLOSED and open to players and coaches ONLY
  • Items not allowed include:
    • Team or individual coolers – a personal vessel (water jug) is encouraged
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Chewing gum
  • The area within 15’ of the fence line is for spectators to enjoy the game
  • Teams must wait until the previous team vacates the dugout before entering.  This will assist in keeping down congestion while giving the staff time to apply mitigation efforts (wipe down the benches, for example)



  • Face coverings are encouraged while traveling to and from the field
  • Players may wear a face covering when in the dugout or on the field. NOT required.
  • Mitigation should be practiced during the game
    • Appropriate distance respected when appropriate and practical
    • Face guards (coverings, clipboard, etc) should be used, or appropriate distance maintained, during conversations such as the plate meeting and mound visits
  • Modifications of the traditional game may be required
    • UMPIRES may stand behind the mound to call balls and strikes
    • If discussed pre-game, base coaches may help with fair/foul calls
      • Play should continue if the fair/foul ruling is unclear or delayed
      • The umpire will have final ruling on all calls, including fair/foul
    • Team celebrations, traditionally high-5s, etc, must be modified
  • Vacate the dugout IMMEDIATELY
    • Hold your post game discussion elsewhere while maintaining appropriate distance or wearing face coverings
    • No post-game snacks
  • Coaches must be conscious of their physical contact with players
    • Base coaches should keep appropriate distance when possible
    • Coaches should vacate the dugout before the defense returns to hit



  • Each team must have a parent designated to monitor dugout activity
  • The designated dugout monitor should watch for, and address
    • Symptoms (coughing, for example)
    • Players not keeping their hands to themselves
    • Spitting
    • Items not allowed in the park (sunflower seeds, gum, etc)

NOTE:  Many of these behaviors have never been monitored or corrected before now.  Encourage, motivate, correct, and empathize when addressing these behaviors with the players

  • Face coverings are encouraged in the dugout and limiting the amount of players in the dugout. Using the bleachers to help with social distancing.
  • Players observed with symptoms should be assessed immediately.  They should be removed from the park if the symptoms are not assessed to be environmental (i.e. from the heat, dust, etc)
  • No team cooler, disposable cups or shared vessels are permitted
  • Teams MUST remove all trash from the dugout before leaving



  • No gestures of coughing or spitting toward an individual
  • No arguing calls
  • If a coach wishes to question a RULE (not a call) they should
    • Wait for continuous action to cease
    • Request time
    • Approach the official who made the call
    • Respectfully and appropriately (through distance or face guarding) ask
  • Officials and Event Administrators will monitor behavior and eject when appropriate.  Expect less tolerance of loud or disruptive behavior.
  • No gatherings or huddles on the field without appropriate distance or face guarding


  • Parents are still responsible for symptom check and analysis before heading to the park
  • Coaches should check players as they arrive and before practice begins
  • Coaches and parents should constantly monitor players for symptoms
  • Occupy only one dugout during practice
    • Bring disinfecting supplies to prepare the area
    • If the field is occupied before your team’s practice, proced to the unoccupied dugout
  • Teams should be off the field BEFORE the next team’s start time
  • Individual jugs of water or drinks are encouraged
  • Concession will be available during most activities