WVAC has waived items b and d below, so they are struck through.


To improve the health and safety of all players, coaches, umpires and spectators, WVAC recommends the following guidelines during all games:

  1. All participants should follow all local & state health official guidelines.
  2. No handshaking/celebrations:  Players and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.
  3. Players should not remain in dugouts.  Extended dugout areas have been designated at each field for players to follow 6’ social distancing guidelines.  Extended dugout areas are reserved for players & coaches.  Non-participants should not enter these areas.
  4. Instead of using extended dugout areas, players may choose to stay with a family member.
  5. Only parents or guardians of players should attend games.  Extended family & friends should not attend.  Players, coaches and parents of other teams should not attend.  
  6. Players & coaches should not carpool.
  7. Players should not share equipment with other players.
  8. Players may wear face masks or other PPE during play as long as it does not compromise the safety of other players.
  9. Anyone over the age of 65 should not attend games.


  1. Anyone that has come into contact with a person who has been confirmed to have COVID-19 should stay away from fields for 14 days.


To improve the health and safety of all players, coaches, umpires and spectators, WVAC has instituted the following policies:

  1. All players & coaches SHALL wash hands upon arrival at the park.

b.Managers SHALL sanitize dugouts, areas designated as extended dugouts and equipment before start of game. 

c.  Managers SHALL verbally check for symptoms of all players and coaches before start of game.  Any players and/or coaches reporting symptoms will be removed from play and asked to leave the field.

d.Managers SHALL complete compliance log and keep on their person at all times while at the parks.

e. All Players SHALL complete the Babe Ruth COVID-19 Waiver in order to participate. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

f. Managers SHALL keep copies of all player waivers on their person at all times while at the parks. 

g. Inside and outside counters of concession will be wiped frequently with disinfecting wipes.

h. Public water fountains are disabled.

i. Team coolers, water coolers and other shared team items are prohibited.

j. Sunflower seeds are prohibited by all participants and spectators.

k. Pre-game plate meetings have been suspended.

l. Pre-game exchange of line-ups has been suspended.

m. A Board Member on Duty (BMOD) will be assigned for each day