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    Baseball SUNDAY PLAY

    Baseball TOURNAMENT
    4/19 & 4/26

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    Spring 2020 Season Design



    Division – A group of teams in an age group *there are no DIVISIONS this season
    Conference – A sub-group of teams in a division (age group)
    Troupe – A sub-group of teams from a division playing at the same park and/or in the same tournament sub-bracket
    Sunday Play – The 4 weekends of scheduled double-headers before the tournament

    Divisions and conferences will be decided by the COBRA Coordinator.  (again, no DIVISIONS this season)

    Seeding for tournament play will be based on:
                If all conference teams play each other at least once:
                Division wins
                            If unbalanced, the last game played will be considered in the number of wins
                            If all teams played each other 2X, but not all played a 3rd, the last 2 games played will be considered 
                Head-to-head wins
                Wins against common opponents
                Conference wins without consideration of a balanced schedule
                Overall wins, including cross-conference games (NOT cross-divisional)

                If intra-conference play can not ensure all teams play each other (i.e. games canceled, teams unavailable, etc):
                Conference wins
                Head-to-head wins
                Wins again common opponents
                Overall wins, including cross-conference games (NOT cross-divisional)
                            This intentionally favors teams who have participated more in Sunday Play

    If no tiebreaker can decide seeding, then the team who first registered for that season’s competition will be given the higher seed.   


    Sunday Play results are used to determine seeding for the tournament, as explained above.

    Any games when a team is playing their first game is a PLAY-IN game.  The winner of that game continues in the King COBRA tournament.  The loser moves into the Black Mamba tournament.  If a team has a first round bye, they play the winner of a previous PLAY-IN game.  Both teams in that competition will advance; one in King COBRA, the other in Black Mamba. Subsequent losses will result in elimination.

    AWARDS are given for both divisions, but may be different.

    All remain the same as Sunday Play, as shown in the rules

    COBRA Rules

    Click here to see all rules pertaining to COBRA.

    Spring Registration is OPEN

    The link below is ACTIVE  
    Register early as registration date/time is a tiebreaker. It impacted seeding for 7 teams in the Fall.
    Registration is NOT complete until payment is received.
    Registrations are for TEAMS, not individual players.  If your player is not on a COBRA team, contact your league's COBRA Administrator.