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COBRA Bylaws and Rules

How Rules Work

Our playing rules are modified to enhance the experience for our players.  Rules are based on a hierarchy of publications in the following order:

1.  Babe Ruth Playing rules
     These can be found in your rule books
2.  State or Regional rules 
     These can be found in the Document Center of  We have included them below.
3.  COBRA Bylaws and Rules 
     Included below and downloadable

Tournament Eligibility and Rosters

Coaches need to keep their online rosters updated, even if you're using a player for a single game or set of games.  Please have rosters updated 48 hours before scheduled game time.  If you had to adjust your roster closer to game time, please inform the other teams so they can download the game again and score properly.

Players must have played in at least HALF of the Sunday play games to be allowed to participate in the tournament.  

Fall 18 PITCHING Rule Modification and other tournament rules explanations


allow re-entry as long as the pitcher did not throw more than 25 pitches.  Pitchers may only re-enter once. To explain further:
   Pitchers may re-enter that game OR the next game
   If removed by rule (2nd visit in an inning), the pitcher still may NOT re-enter that game.
   The 25 pitch re-entry is for all divisions, including 13U and 15U.


3.  We've modified all formats to make sure no team plays more than 2 games in a day.
6 & 8. Time limits will remain for the entire first round of the tournament (Oct 28) and possibly throughout the tournament.
10. Pitching is modified as described above
11. READ the tiebreaker rules