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Welcome to the Spring 2022 Registration Page

This page will take you to a Google Form for registering your team for the upcoming season...Spring 2022.

BEFORE you actually go to the registration form, it is CRITICAL you understand the following:

1.  Registration is NOT complete until you have paid.  I will send you a personal pay request.  Make that payment within 24 hours of the request (not necessarily when you completed registration) and your registration time will be locked in.

2.  This is for TEAM registrations.  If you are trying to register your player, you do not need to complete the form.  If they are on a team, your team contact will register the team.  If you are not on a team, you should contact your league. Many have a specific position to help coordinate with us.

3. The contact information collected in this registration is what we will use to communicate with you during the essential.  It is ESSENTIAL the main point of contact's information is in the registration form.  If the main point of contact is someone other than the manager, please note that

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